Recipe #50: Banana-Coconut Pancakes

The last pancakes I made were recipe 27, the cinnamon oat pancakes (link here). Those were really fluffy and tasty. But I have to say that I liked these banana-coconut ones more. They were equally fluffy from all the baking powder in the recipe too. The flavour of the banana and coconut came through nicely and they were more fun to eat.

I think my favourite part of these pancakes is the coconut that gets sprinkled on while they cook. It gets toasted and gives a little nuttiness. The coconut just went so well with the banana and nothing was overpowering. I like the fresh slices of banana on top at the end too.

The key to good pancakes is not using too high of a heat. These cook at medium-low heat which was prefect. They got beautifully golden brown and the coconut didn’t burn. The first and last batches had the same amount of colour which honestly never happens when I make pancakes haha.

A couple of these pancakes with extra sliced banana and some maple syrup is the perfect breakfast.


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