Recipe #46: German Chocolate Cake

Just wanted to start this post by saying happy holidays to everyone. No matter what you celebrate – Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza – I hope you are with the people you love and eating lots of good food. I celebrate Chanukah so I’ve been eating my fair share of jelly doughnuts and potato pancakes (in hebrew: sufganiyot and latkes). In fact, I just made a post yesterday about my latkes, which you can see here (link). They had super crispy edges and fluffy inside.

If you are looking for a nice chocolatey cake to make for the holidays, you should make this one. I actually made it for my dad’s birthday last weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had a german chocolate cake but I like chocolate and coconut so I was hopeful. I was also intrigued because this version is lightened up in comparison to other recipes online.

The chocolate cake is a little rich but not too sweet which I appreciated. It’s cool how it’s a totally vegan cake (no eggs/dairy) and it still turned out being quite light too. The cake went really well with the coconut topping.

I was a little hesitant of the topping because I am not usually a fan of dates. But after soaking and pulsing them with the other ingredients, they make this super sweet, almost caramely, mixture. I love the little bits of coconut and pecans, adds a nice touch of texture.

This was a nicely balanced cake and my whole family loved it. If you’re looking for a less traditional cake, I’d suggest making this recipe 🙂


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