Recipe #45: Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup

I’ve made cauliflower soup before but I’ve never roasted the cauliflower before adding it to the pot. Roasting makes it a little caramelized and sweet which gives the soup so much good flavour. I guess you could roast any vegetables before adding them to your soup and they would have the same effect. I may do this for all my soups from now on.

This soup was super rich and creamy. What’s amazing is that there are only a couple tablespoons of butter in the soup but it tastes like it is full of cream. It’s really not hard to make a healthy soup, you’d be surprised how creamy something can get without adding tons of dairy.

To go with the lovely texture of the soup, it was also nice and thick. Unlike some cauliflower soups that can be watery and unpleasant, this one actually had substance. Because of this, it was quite filling and almost reminded me of a potato soup.

I think my favourite part of the soup was the garnish though. Toasted bread and almonds give such a nice texture boost and contrast to all the creaminess. If you’re not a fan of blended soups, you just need to throw a couple homemade croutons on top and you will love it. I think this topping would be great on salads too for crunch and it’s much healthier than store-bought croutons.

Do you like cauliflower soup? If the answer is no, what is your favourite type of soup?


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  1. Bernice says:

    Looks fantastic! I never had Cauliflower soup but I love roasted cauliflower. So I am sure I would like it in a soup.


    1. Cauliflower soup is so yummy

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