Recipe #37: Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl with Toasted Coconut Muesli

Happy december! I know it’s already the 4th now, this year is flying. It’s so crazy that the DECADE is almost over. Make sure you end the year on a high note 🙂


The only smoothie bowl I’ve ever made was during my yum and yummer cookbook challenge (link here). That was quite a long time ago so I was looking forward to making this one now.

I actually made the coconut muesli the day before so that it would be ready to use in the morning. I kept it in a bag in the freezer, just like the recipe instructs. It was super easy to make with very little prep time. I also like that the ingredients were simple and not too extravagant. It was just a nice – almost granola – mixture that was not overly sweetened. After baking, it got perfectly toasted which gave it all a good crunch.

So the morning of, I made the mango yogurt in the blender. I needed to add a little milk to thin it out slightly but it turned out well. It was a little sweet and had a pretty light orange colour. Once it was ready, I put it in my bowl and sprinkled some muesli on top. I thought it looked super pretty.

The taste was good, it was a nice light breakfast. I like the combination of creamy yogurt and crunchy nuts and seeds. The chia definitely kept me full for longer too. Smoothie bowls are just fun to eat because it’s almost like you’re eating frozen yogurt for breakfast and who wouldn’t enjoy that? 😛

The only thing I’d change is that I would just sprinkle the muesli on plain yogurt and maybe drizzle a little honey or maple syrup on top. I don’t think making the mango yogurt/lassi is super crucial to enjoying this recipe. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but it’s just not worth the effort of extra dishes. If I really wanted the mango, I could just buy mango yogurt or throw some chopped pieces on top. Lots of options. But whatever you choose, you definitely have to make your own muesli 🙂


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