Recipe #35: Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

No bake desserts? Uh yes please! If you want a nice treat in a pinch, you should try these cookies. This no-bake snack reminds me of the trail mix granola bites I made a little while back (recipe #20 here). These types of desserts are just so great to make and keep in the fridge for whenever you want a little something sweet.

What makes these cookies even better is that there are few dishes. It only needs a pot (which doubles as your mixing bowl) and a baking sheet. You also need some measuring spoons but that’s it. These really couldn’t be simpler to make.

Although there is no baking involved, the chocolate peanut butter mixture needs to be heated in the pot on the stove. Once all the wet ingredients are melted, you add the almonds and oats right in and mix until it looks like a nice dough. Then I just scooped them into balls, placed on my baking sheet and popped in the fridge to firm up.

These were a good treat. Even though they had peanut butter and chocolate, they were not too rich or too sweet. It’s also just a classic flavour combination and it went well with the oats and almonds. There was lots of crunch to cut the richness.

They are great on their own but I’ve also had them with some yogurt which was tasty. I just crumbled one in my bowl and it gave good flavour to otherwise boring yogurt.

If you’re looking for an easy chocolatey snack, I’d recommend these oatmeal cookie bites. They are great for all dietary restrictions too because there are no eggs and I actually used dairy free chocolate chips which made them vegan.


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