Recipe #32: Fresh Greek Nachos with Herbed Tahini Sauce

Nachos are my jam. What’s not to like about crispy chips and tons of gooey cheese? Nothing, that was a rhetorical question 😉 . I don’t usually like to mess with a classic, but these greek nachos are truly something else.

I guess I should make it clear that there is no melty cheese on these nachos though. There are also no tortilla chips. But stay with me. These are greek nachos which means they have greek/middle eastern ingredients.

For one, instead of tortilla chips, they have homemade pita chips. They were so simple to make and got very crispy and delicious. Next, instead of melted cheese, there is a creamy herb-tahini sauce. It’s a lot lighter than cheese but gives a nice richness to this dish. Side note: I just mixed my sauce in a bowl, not a food processor, which is why you can see all the herbs).

While regular nachos may have salsa, these nachos have a delicious chickpea-veggie salad. It was super fresh and had tons of crunch from the veggies. It was a perfectly seasoned salad on its own, but it was even better on the fresh pita chips. It also added a whole lot of colour and freshness to the dish.

Once it was all assembled, these nachos were ready to eat. I’ll admit it was a little messy to serve but I didn’t mind because it was so tasty. Every bite of pita chip with some veggies and a bit of sauce was so delicious and I probably could have eaten the whole tray 😛 This would be great to serve at a party as an appetizer. I’m sure you (and your guests) will love it!


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