Recipe #31: Fresh Sesame Soba Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

If you’ve never had a fresh spring roll at a thai/vietnamese restaurant, you really need to try one. They are not too difficult to make at home either though. I’ve made fresh rolls several times so I know the technique but it is a little tricky for people who’ve never done so. It’s just like rolling a burrito but a little more floppy with rice paper. As long as the roll is tight and all your fillings stay inside, you’re golden!

Part of the reason I love these rolls is that they are so pretty. Because the rice paper is translucent, you can see the different fillings and colours of each item. They are very aesthetic which makes them great for a party or potluck. Friends and family will love them.

I did change the type of noodle in my rolls though. Instead of soba (buckwheat) noodles, I used rice noodles. I like the texture more and I honestly couldn’t even find soba noodles at the grocery store. They were so tasty with all the veggies inside. I like the hint of sesame in there, along with the slight spice of the jalapeno too. It was just a really crunchy roll that tasted great on its own, but even better with the dipping sauce.

The peanut sauce was so good, I could almost eat it with a spoon. It was so creamy and I liked the ginger and lime in it. I also used maple syrup in place of honey which made the sauce vegan. Getting a bite of roll with the sauce was a perfect texture compliment and it was delicious.


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