Pickled Carrots & Daikon

I was not expecting to post another recipe before my weekly Love Real Food posts. However, I was inspired to get this one up because I was so excited about it. I love pickled vegetables, but my faves are carrots and daikon. I’ve had them at korean bbq restaurants and on vietnamese banh mi. They just add so much crunch but also a good amount of acidity and sweetness.

I’ve never made them before but I found this recipe online (link here) and it looked easy enough. Cutting the vegetables into thin sticks took a bit of time but it wasn’t too bad. Once they were all cut up, there were pretty much 3 steps until they were ready for the fridge.

  1. Sprinkle salt and sugar and mix veggies with hands for couple minutes until they start to soften. They will also release water which is a sign you’re on the right track.
  2. Rinse excess salt and sugar off and drain well. Put vegetables in large mason jar.
  3. Make simple brine (vinegar, water, sugar) and pour in jar, completely covering vegetables.

This was so simple and I love that I didn’t have to boil the brine before pouring into the jar. Refrigerator/quick pickle recipes are my go-to for pickling because of just how easy they are to make. I can’t wait to eat them. That’s right, I haven’t even tried them yet because they recipe says to let them sit in the fridge for 24 hours. We’ll see if I can resist the temptation 😉 I know they’re going to be tasty though.

Anyone else a sour food fan like me? What are you’re favourite things to pickle?


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