Recipe #30: Classic Tomato Soup

Winter weather has officially arrived so I have been making a couple soups each week. They are just so versatile with ingredients and flavour profiles, and they are very comforting to eat. You can’t get more classic than a creamy bowl of tomato soup though. And I think what will surprise most people about this soup is that it is vegan! (Note: original recipe calls for butter, but you can easily replace it with olive oil which is what I did).

This soup uses a can of whole tomatoes but you can hardly tell when it’s cooked because it tastes so fresh and delicious. It just goes to show you that you don’t always need the freshest ingredients to make good food. Another canned item that I used was cannellini beans. The beans get added at the end (at time of blending) and they give the soup so much creaminess and also help to make it thicker. And don’t worry, you don’t taste the beans at all, they just give the soup that beautiful smooth texture.

As well as great consistency, this soup tasted amazing. It had very little seasoning (salt, pepper, sugar) but it didn’t need anything else. That’s what makes tomato soup so great. It’s a little acidic from the tomatoes but mellowed out from the sugar and then you get a touch of black pepper for heat. It’s perfect really.

This was a great soup and one of the easiest to make too. The only preparation was chopping the onion and opening a couple cans. I guess the hardest part is waiting while it cooks haha. If you like tomato soup, I suggest you make this one. You will really like the creaminess of the beans.


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