Recipe #29: Colourful Kale, Apple & Fennel Slaw with Tart Cherries

I have been really into kale for a couple years now. I’ve been cooking it many different ways and it pairs well with a variety of ingredients. A trend that has become more popular recently is eating raw kale. It is being used in things like salads and smoothies. I am quite into the salads category because kale is so hearty and can take on stronger flavours. This kale slaw gave me similar vibes to a slaw I made during my yum & yummer cookbook challenge and you can see that post here . It had lots of kale, cabbage, seeds and a nice dressing. Really good.

This slaw today was equally tasty. I loved all the colours and textures, it was a very pretty salad. I don’t like fennel which I’ve said before, so I replaced that with extra cabbage and kale. Also, I couldn’t find brussel sprouts at my grocery store so I used shredded green cabbage which is pretty much the same thing. I like the kale and cabbage combination. Then with the dried fruit and apple, there was more freshness and textures.

The real winner is the dressing though. If you have a bad dressing, that ruins the whole salad. The flavours here were so fresh and zippy with the lime juice, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly sour. I really like dijon mustard in dressings, you should try it out if you’ve never done it.

Last thing I’ll say is that this salad is great as leftovers. Kale is sturdy enough and it won’t wilt like regular romaine or iceberg lettuces. I ate it the next day for lunch and the flavours got more intense and delicious. I think I might have even liked it more the next day.


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  1. Bernice says:

    Looks fantastic!! 🍽

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