Recipe #27: Fluffy Cinnamon Oat Pancakes

Pancakes, at least in my house, were usually reserved for the weekends. They were a special breakfast that deserved extra time and attention. But now that I’m older, I like making pancakes whatever day of the week. I even like having breakfast for dinner sometimes. I’ve definitely made my share of pancakes on my website, both sweet and savoury (pancake posts). Today, I added one more recipe to the collection.

These pancakes were a little different from others that I’ve made due to having 100% whole wheat flour, I typically use half white and half wholewheat. These pancakes also use homemade buttermilk and lots of baking powder/soda which makes them very very fluffy (thus the name, fluffy cinnamon oat pancakes).

The batter was very easy to make and letting it sit for a few minutes before cooking helped with keeping them fluffy. They cooked up really nicely and looked great. I served mine with some yogurt and sliced banana which was delicious. The actual pancakes were not overly sweet so the extra sweetness from the fruit worked well. Plus, I like the hint of cinnamon that came through.

If you’re looking for a new and healthy pancake recipe, I suggest this one. You will feel good after eating them and they are a great start to the day! 🙂


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