Recipe #26: Mexican Roasted Veggie Bowl with Beer Beans

This kind of dish – bowl of food with many different things – is right up my alley. I just love having a variety of tastes and textures that work well on their own as well as together. I am also a big fan of mexican food so I knew this would be a good meal.

This dish had a few parts that had all different cooking times so it’s important to time manage here. I first put the pan of potatoes in the oven because they took the longest to cook. After 20 minutes, I took them out to toss and put them back in, along with the pan of peppers and onions. Once both of those were in, I started the beans. I tossed the peppers after 10 minutes, popped them back in and each thing needed about 10 more minutes until being ready. All 3 components were ready in the time it took to bake the potatoes – 40 minutes.

Not only was everything made in a short amount of time, it all tasted really good. The potatoes had a little spice from the cayenne pepper and they were nicely caramelized. The peppers and onions were super sweet and delicious. The beans (although I just used water instead of beer) had really good flavour from the spices and lime. They were also very creamy which added a nice texture contrast.

Also in my bowl, I had some guacamole because avocado makes everything better, and some romaine lettuce for crunch. It was a very colourful and fresh dinner. I didn’t put any cheese on top so that made this meal vegan which some people may not have expected.

On the side, I served some tortilla chips and salsa. The chips were a really nice extra crunch and the salsa was actually leftovers from what I made a couple posts ago (recipe 23). It tasted just as fresh and delicious as when I made it.

This was a yummy dinner but I think my favourite part alone was the beans. I’ve just never really made a bean dish like that and I will definitely make it again. They would be good in a quesadilla or mashed up to make bean dip.


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  1. Morgan says:

    Hello! Where do I find your recipes? Everything looks so good, but I can’t seem to find the recipes.


    1. All my posts that begin with “recipe #” are from cookbooks – either Love Real Food or Yum & Yummer


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