Recipe #22: Lemony Almond Blueberry Cake

This was my first cake from this cookbook. Almond, citrus and berry sound like quite a good combination so I was excited to make it. I’ve also never done any gluten-free baking so I wanted to see how that turned out too.

As you can see from the picture, my slice is not very tall and that’s because I baked this cake in an 8″square pan instead of a loaf pan. And since I used a bigger pan, my cake only took 30 minutes in the oven (much faster than loaf cakes which take more than 1 hour to bake). It came out golden on top and smelled really good.

Once it cooled down a bit, I brushed the lemon maple glaze on top. It added a nice punch of lemon which I really liked, and it balanced the sweetness of the cake and berries inside.

I was quite impressed with how this cake turned out. This was a pretty good first ever gluten-free cake. The eggs and glaze really helped to keep it moist which can sometimes be hard to do with gluten-free baking. I also really liked the nuttiness of the almond meal and it helped to give more texture to the cake too.

The one thing with my cake is that for some reason my blueberries sunk to the bottom even though I coated them with almond meal before folding into the batter. Does anyone know why that happened? Please let me know!

Also let me know if you do any gluten free baking πŸ™‚


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