Recipe #19: Burst Cherry Tomato, Basil & Goat Cheese Scrambled Egg Toasts

There are so many ways to turn eggs into a delicious breakfast (or brunch). I really enjoyed the veggie scramble from a couple weeks ago (link here) and this toast was another eggciting breakfast.

There was not much to this meal, it’s essentially all in the name. It’s toast with goat cheese (ricotta would be good too) topped with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and basil. I know it sounds very simple but it all has so much flavour and worked well together.

Just like in the veggie scramble that I linked above, these eggs were super fluffy and light. It’s because of the way they are cooked – using medium heat and taking them off the heat while still slightly soft. They don’t cook too quickly or get dry.

The tomatoes are what makes this toast really special though. Instead of putting them on raw, they get sauteed until they start to burst open. They become so sweet and delicious. And everyone knows tomato and basil is a classic combination.

Each bite of crunchy bread with the creamy cheese, fluffy egg, sweet tomato and fresh basil is truly something good. The only thing I might add next time is some hot sauce or chili flakes just for a little kick. Also, a few slices of avocado would be good here for extra creaminess and colour.

This was a good breakfast and a nice way to turn eggs and toast into a handheld meal.


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