Recipe #17: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s a pretty big coincidence that I have 2 peanut butter recipes in a row but I’m not complaining because I love peanut butter (this was yesterday’s peanut tofu bowl). These cookies were so easy to make and tasted good. They are pretty similar to a basic peanut butter cookie recipe (sugar, peanut butter, egg) but they have a couple more ingredients (vanilla, salt, chocolate chips) for more flavour.

The dough was very simple with 1 bowl, and like I said only 6 ingredients. I did use light brown sugar instead of coconut sugar, but they are pretty similar in texture and flavour. I also used dairy free chocolate chips, which makes these cookies dairy free, but they’re still not vegan because of the egg. Apparently you can make them without the egg, but I haven’t tried that. Or I wonder if a flax egg would work here. I’ve only tried flax eggs in cakes, never cookies. Let me know if you’ve tried them and how it worked out 🙂

I let the dough chill to firm up slightly which made it a lot easier to scoop onto the pan. Also, these cookies don’t spread much while baking so make sure the scoops of dough aren’t too tall because it might prevent the cookies from baking evenly. I baked mine for 11 minutes and they came out of the oven perfectly golden, with a crisp outside and soft inside. They harden as they cool too so make sure to not overbake them.

Of course I tried a cookie when it was still a little warm and gooey, but I stored the rest in the freezer. They keep longer that way and I can take a cookie out whenever I want a little snack. I actually like eating it when it’s still a touch frozen. I also like eating frozen oreos. I hope I’m not the only one who does this 😛 Whether you eat them fresh out of the oven, room temperature, or frozen, all that matters is that you make these cookies and eat them.


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