Recipe #14: Sweet Potato-Black Bean Veggie Burgers with Cabbage-Pepita Slaw

Normally, hamburgers are not my go-to meal. But I always get excited when I can try a new veggie burger recipe. A little while ago, I made some black bean burgers from sally’s baking addiction (blog post here and sally’s recipe here) which turned out so well. They were very flavourful and had lots of texture and colour. This burger recipe today has more veggies but had a similar flavour profile so I was looking forward to making them.

I did a little prep work in advance so that it would be easy to get these burgers cooking closer to dinner time. I had the sweet potatoes roasting and quinoa on the stove at the same time, then chopped the potatoes and put both in the fridge until later. I just want to say that roasting the potatoes is such a great method of cooking (instead of boiling) because the sweetness gets so concentrated and they don’t get watery.

I also made the coleslaw early on and let it chill in the fridge until time to eat. It was quick to make with the help of a food processor to shred the cabbage – I only had green cabbage so not as colourful though. This slaw was super simple but packed with flavour and texture. I loved the brightness of the lime with the spicy garlic and crunch of the pepitas. I would eat that slaw as a side dish for anything.

When I was ready to make dinner, I pulled out the quinoa and sweet potato from the fridge and mixed them first with the onion, cilantro, and seasonings, and then the oats. That mixture was so flavourful and delicious in that “raw” state. I almost didn’t even want to cook it because it was so good already. I used smoked paprika instead of the adobo sauce and I loved the amount of smoky flavour. I made 8 large patties and baked them.

I’m not sure why, but flipping these burgers was not easy. Maybe they were too large or the mixture was too crumbly, but some of the burgers were falling apart slightly. Next time, I might make smaller burgers and see if that works better. But I got them out of the oven and they smelled so good.

Last step was assembly. I put a burger on the bottom of an onion/poppyseed bun, then topped with simple guacamole and the cabbage slaw. I loved it every bite. There was so much yummy flavour from each component but everything went well together too. And the crunchy slaw was the perfect balance to the semi-soft patty. This was a really good burger. Another great thing is that because of all the potato and oats, these burgers fill you up nicely, especially if you’re eating on a bun.

The next day, I made a little veggie burger bowl with a crumbled up patty and some coleslaw and it was equally delicious. I think it would also be good to use in maybe a soft taco. Now I’m just getting hungry all over again haha. Let me know your favourite ingredients in a veggie burger πŸ™‚


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