Recipe #12: Thai Style Mango Slaw

I want to start by by saying that I know my picture looks very different from the one in the book for this recipe. I used a couple different ingredients that made big colour changes to the final result but the flavour was pretty much the same.

I guess I can just continue on that thought and explain the things I changed. The recipe calls for red cabbage and wild rice but I used green cabbage and brown rice, so it’s pretty easy to see the colour differences. The rest of the ingredients were the same and still gave a lot of colour – red, orange, green – but I was missing the black (from the rice) and purple (cabbage). But like I said, the flavours of those are quite similar so it wasn’t a big deal in that regard.

Now let’s talk about that dressing. It was a really nice mix of sesame with the garlic and lime, good asian flavours. It made everything very bright and fresh which I liked. The dressing with all the cabbage and veggies was so tasty and then you get a bite with sweet mango and it was even better. It was a well-balanced salad with the variety of flavours and textures.

This salad is meant to be an appetizer or side dish but I think it would be great as a main meal with some chicken or edamame or even just on its own as a light lunch. Because of all the veggies and rice, it is quite nutritious and filling. Very good salad


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