Recipe #11: Kale, Sweet Potato and Feta Scramble

Plain scrambled eggs can be a little boring. But when you add lots of veggies and cheese, breakfast can be exciting again. This was a very colourful and filling meal, and it was a good start to my day. If you wanted to take this meal to-go, you could put the entire egg-veggie mixture in a tortilla and fold it like a burrito.

The scrambled eggs on their own were very fluffy and light because of the milk. Then the kale and sweet potato mixture was great on its own too – it was well seasoned and I would eat that as a light lunch any day.

I know I just said the two main components were good individually, but together, plus the garnishes, it was a delicious breakfast. I put avocado, lots of feta cheese and frank’s hot sauce on top. Getting a mouthful with a little bit of everything was so good because it was nicely balanced and well-flavoured.

I would definitely make this again, maybe trying spinach instead of kale or a combination of the two. Also, if I make a burrito, I would wrap it up and put it in my grill/panini press to get a little crunch on the outside. Just thinking about it is making me hungry haha.


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