Recipe #10: Everyday Red Salsa

Salsa, in spanish, just means sauce. You can make a salsa of anything really. I’d say a more common salsa, at least in western side of the world is tomato salsa. It pairs with many mexican dishes but it’s perfect good with some tortilla chips too. If I want a quick appetizer for a get-together, I often opt for chips and salsa. I’ve always used a store-bought jar because I thought it was the easiest option, but now I know that’s not the case. This salsa actually ended up looking sort of like store-bought which I thought was funny, but it tasted so much better.

Making salsa from scratch takes only a few ingredients and about 10 minutes. The result is something you could never get from a jar. It also has no preservatives or weird chemicals, which many store salsas can have. Yes, there is a little bit of chopping, but it’s all rough chopping because you throw everything into a food processor and let it do most of the work. It also uses canned tomatoes which is a great shortcut too.

The idea of using canned tomatoes seemed a little strange to me at first though because I didn’t think the salsa would taste fresh. However, once you add all the other ingredients (onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno, lime), you almost forget that the tomatoes were canned. The salsa was so fresh and bright and I really liked the touch of spice. I also left the mixture a little chunky because that’s how I like my salsa, but you could make it smoother if you want.

If you want an easy salsa recipe, make this one. That’s all I have to say. Happy wednesday 🙂


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