Honey Cake

Wow September is pretty much over. A new month is about to start which is aligning with the start of a new jewish year. It is the holiday called rosh hashanah (“head of the year”). Jewish people like to celebrate by eating lots of sweet foods because we want to have a happy and sweet new year.

To honour that sweetness, my mom always makes this honey cake. There is a little bit of whiskey in it to give a bit of extra flavour too. With or without the alcohol though, this is a delicious cake. It is very moist and not overly sweet. Plus the almonds on top give a little bit of texture.

To go along with the sweet honey cake, we are having a dinner filled with other sweet foods. Some things include duck sauce chicken, sweet potato kugel and apple noodle kugel. Shana tova to all my fellow jewish people and I hope everyone has a good celebration!


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