Recipe #6: Roasted Strawberry, Basil & Goat Cheese Crostini

I could almost dream about these crostini. I have no bad comments about them. They were so well-balanced – creamy, sweet, crunchy, fresh, spicy – all the textures and flavours worked well together.

I want to start by talking about the roasted strawberries. It might sound weird to roast berries, but they get so soft and sweet and almost becomes a jam. If you didn’t want to do that step, you could put chopped fresh strawberries on top, they just wouldn’t have the same sweetness. Try it, I know you’ll love it.

I made the crostini base with the same baguette in which I made the caesar salad croutons (link here). They got nice and crunchy which is crucial for this type of dish. You need your base to hold up to your toppings. It’s also important not to assemble these too far in advance because the bread will start to get soggy. You can get all the components ready and then bring everything together right before it’s time to eat.

The only thing I changed in this recipe was using ricotta instead of goat cheese. It had the same creaminess but without the tang.

These were delicious. There is nothing complicated about them, it’s just a bunch of fresh ingredients. You could make these with just the strawberries and cheese (goat/ricotta) and call it a day. But the basil and black pepper take it up to another level. The flavour profile gets more sophisticated but takes such little effort on your part. If you want to impress people with an appetizer, this recipe is for you.

I also have another post (not related to my cooking challenge) going up today 🙂

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