Chicken & Sweet Potato Soup

Hope everyone had a good week and I’m so excited it’s the weekend. I posted recipe #6 of my cookbook challenge earlier today, which you should really check out because it was a tasty one (you can see that here). But I wanted to get another post up before I sign off for a few days. This was my dinner last night. I wanted to get it up as quick as possible because it was so good and I want to share it with all of you πŸ™‚

I had sweet potato and chicken breast that I wanted to use, I also wanted something that could be cooked in the instant pot. So I looked online for a recipe and I ended up making the first one that I clicked – recipe here. It only had like 10 ingredients and it looked so simple.

It calls for old bay seasoning but I didn’t have any, nor did I have all the spices involved to make my own mix. I opted to just put some cinnamon, paprika and black pepper which are three of the spices in old bay. I guess I didn’t get the full intended flavour but it was still delicious. Those spices made it so warming and paired well with the sweet potato.

The only other thing I changed was adding sliced green onion at the same time as the corn and spinach. It just added a bit more bite and freshness.

This was such a filling and hearty soup. There were so many veggies plus the chicken, it was almost a full meal. Using the instant pot was so convenient and easy too. I don’t use it too often but I liked how everything was cooked nicely and the chicken was very moist. I will definitely this soup again, especially as the weather gets cooler.


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