Recipe #5: Tahini Kale Caesar Salad with Whole-Grain Croutons

Caesar salad. It’s the salad that makes you think you’re being healthy when you order it at a restaurant. It’s lettuce slathered with creamy dressing, plus cheese and croutons. There’s nothing really healthy about it. However, THIS caesar salad recipe is a whole different story.

This salad has romaine lettuce and kale for tons of fibre and vitamins. The dressing is made with healthy tahini (sesame paste) which gives the same creaminess as classic caesar dressing. And then there are homemade croutons made with whole grain bread. It pretty much got a healthy makeover.

I had a few comments about the dressing. Tahini is quite strong and I found the sesame flavour to be a little too overpowering at first. I decided to add a little honey to balance that out, which made it better. I also needed to add extra water because the mixture was so thick. Once I got it to my liking, it was delicious and coated the greens nicely.

The croutons were an amazing addition. They’re so easy to make from scratch too. I used part of a whole grain baguette and they baked up very crunchy. I would make those for any salad.

If you’re not a huge fan of kale, I would suggest maybe cutting back a bit on that and increasing the amount of romaine lettuce. You should definitely try this take on a caesar salad though, you may enjoy it.


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Wow and yummmmmmy! As you know I LOVE ceasar in any way, so making this a true healthy makeover is a must try – this very weekend! Thnx so much Lindsay for your passion and fun takes on the classic and the unique choices you keep sharing with us all. Much appreciated. See you at the party on Sunday!

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