Recipe #4: Simple Honey Scones

I’ve made scones many times on this blog (see the collection here). They are such a great breakfast and so simple to make. These honey scones though, really deserve the word simple in their title. The recipe has 8 ingredients and only requires one mixing bowl.

Aside from being quick to make, these scones are very healthy too. They are made entirely with whole wheat flour and use coconut milk which is lower in fat than commonly used butter or cream.

They came out of the oven golden brown and beautiful. They rose nicely because of all the baking powder and were very fluffy inside. The coconut flavour comes through in the scone and goes well with the slight sweetness from the honey. I also liked the extra bit of sugar on top – I used granulated instead of turbinado – it gave a little crackle with every bite.

I ate mine with a little cream cheese and jam, and it was a delicious breakfast. If you are looking for more variations to your morning meal, these scones are the perfect addition.


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