Recipe #2: Olive Oil & Black Pepper Popcorn

Mmm popcorn. It’s one of my favourite snacks. I love kettle corn, white cheddar flavour, chicago mix. I even like it with just some salt. Plain popped corn is such a great base, you can add almost any flavours you want. It has such a satisfying crunch and it’s a healthy snack (depending on what you put on it).

This popcorn recipe definitely falls under the category of simple flavours, but it works so well. My go-to for homemade popcorn is to put some salt and sugar for a sweet and salty vibe, but I like the savoury spin that the black pepper gives.

I was going to experiment with other herbs and spices but I really enjoyed the flavour of just salt and pepper. I think the simplicity made it better. I also like that this recipe uses olive oil (I usually use canola to make popcorn). It added a little richness but it’s not as heavy as butter would be. It’s also a healthier fat and you don’t use that much. You can feel less guilty about eating a whole bowl of this popcorn 😛

Go ahead, get popping!


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