Montreal: Poutine

Another montreal/quebec staple is poutine, which you’re supposed to pronounce as poot-in and not poo-teen. There are so many places that sell poutine and you can get some wild toppings. I wanted the basic though – fries, cheese and gravy.

I know it doesn’t sound like much but you can easily mess up poutine. You need high quality of those 3 things to get a good result. If the fries aren’t crispy enough, they won’t hold up to the gravy. If the gravy is too salty or the texture is off (too thick or thin) it won’t coat the fries properly. And if the cheese (curds) aren’t fresh, you won’t get that nice squeak when you bite into them.

I am pleased to say that my poutine (from a restaurant called Frite Alors) did not have any of those problems. It was so delicious and I love quebec cheese curds.

Also, the size I got was a regular which was definitely a lot of food. All the fries and gravy are quite heavy so you don’t need to eat too much poutine to be satisfied.


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