Montreal: Bagel

Hi there! I’m sorry I’m only making my first September post now. I’m currently taking a mini vacation before the summer is over and I wanted a little break from everything. As you can see from the title, I am in montreal, quebec. I am visiting a friend here.

If you ever visit this city, there are several foods you need to have, one of which is a montreal bagel. There are so many big bakeries (st viateur, fairmont) but I went to one called r.e.a.l. bagel. I got a classic sesame bagel (seeds on both sides is the montreal way) with cream cheese which was oozing out. I also got it toasted which added a bit more crunch.

The bagel was so fresh. It had a nice crunch on the outside but it was so soft and chewy on the inside. This was such a good breakfast. Sometimes, the simple things are the best things.


I just want to quickly add a note regarding my 1 item, 3 ways challenge. I will not be posting any more in that series because I am actually going to be cooking through another cookbook! I know a lot of people enjoyed when I did that for Yum and Yummer. I will reveal which book I’m using once I get home and figure out a cooking schedule.

For now, I’m going to enjoy this beautiful city and maybe I’ll get another food post in before I leave 🙂


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