Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

I hope you liked my chickpea pancakes from yesterday (link here) and today I’m moving on to a nice chickpea lunch/snack. I’ve known of this recipe for a while but never made it because I usually just pop open a can of tuna. I actually love tuna salad, I used to eat it all the time for school lunches. Using canned chickpeas to make a vegan/vegetarian version sounded like a cool idea though. This would also be good for people who just don’t like the “fishyness” that canned tuna can have. I was looking forward to this.

I followed this recipe (link here) and it turned out wonderfully. The only thing I sort of did differently was making some hummus in my food processor first. So, I started with a 19oz can of chickpeas and put about 5oz into my processor along with some lemon juice, water, and olive oil. I pureed that until it was smooth. Then I added all the other ingredients – remaining chickpeas, red onion, celery, seasoning – and pulsed until it was relatively smooth (I didn’t want it super chunky).

It took 5 minutes to make this and I loved it. It was super creamy but still had a bit of texture and crunch from the veggies, which was nice. I just ate some with cucumber slices as a snack, but it would be great for lunch in a sandwich too. I think this would even be good if you made a tuna melt. Mmmm now I’m just getting hungry haha.

This was a really good recipe and I am super excited for tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned 🙂


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