Nutty Chickpea Pancakes

Welcome to another week of my 1 item, 3 ways series. You can see my entire collection of posts from this challenge here. Well we’ve made it to the last week of august which means that summer has just flown by. I love warm weather so I’m not looking forward to the cold canadian winter that will be here before I know it. Just gotta get out as much as I can now before I hibernate for the winter 😛

This week I’m using chickpeas in my recipes which are one of my favourite ingredients. They are a great plant-based protein and you can throw them into almost anything. I love making hummus (way better than storebought fyi) but there are so many other things you can do with them! My recipes this week are ones that I have never made before so I hope everything goes well.

The first recipe was these breakfast chickpea pancakes (link here). It might sound strange to have chickpeas for breakfast but it actually wasn’t bad. The chickpeas add so much creaminess to the batter and a big boost of protein and fibre. I had never made pancakes without flour but I guess the nut butter (I used almond instead of peanut) and chickpeas served the same purpose as flour does in typical pancakes.

I will say that the batter could have used more sweetness. The recipe calls for only 1 tbsp maple syrup which was not enough for my taste. The chickpea flavour in the plain pancakes was quite strong but once I put some yogurt and fruit, it was mellowed out.

Also – possibly related to sweetness level – the recipe didn’t specify the size of the can of chickpeas. I used a 19oz can but if it was supposed to be 15oz, that could explain why my pancakes were so ‘chickpea heavy’. The extra chickpeas could have been the reason my batter was quite thick at first too. I had to add about 1/4 cup extra milk to thin it out. It turned out very smooth though and I got 15 pancakes (1/4 cup scoops). The pancakes cooked up really nicely and looked good.

This was a nice pancake breakfast, but like I said, they may have a strong chickpea flavour if you eat them plain. I think if I tweaked this recipe a little bit, they could be perfect 🙂


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