Coconut Lemon Blondies

So far, in every week this month, I have made a baked good with my secret ingredient. I am keeping that streak going during coconut week. I made blondies using this recipe (link here). I love the combination of lemon and coconut in desserts, it’s so fresh and I just love anything with citrus. These flavours are also really good in cupcakes.

I do like dense chocolate brownies but sometimes I want something a little lighter and less rich. That’s what these blondies were. They were not super heavy or loaded with butter and sugar which I liked. I’m not gonna say they were healthy, but they were definitely less unhealthy than most similar desserts ๐Ÿ˜› .

The actual blondie part was nicely flavoured with lemon (I would probably still add more zest and juice though to give more of a zip) and had lots of shredded coconut throughout. Then there was the white chocolate frosting which added a nice little touch of sweetness and worked well with the other flavours. Really yummy dessert.

Here are just a couple notes that I made while baking these blondies and they should be helpful if you make them.

  1. I made a half batch and used an 8×8 pan. The blondies will be thinner and don’t need as much time in the oven – I baked mine for about 18 minutes which was a touch too long, 15 is probably enough.
  2. The recipe doesn’t specify whether sweetened or unsweetened coconut was used – I assumed it’s supposed to be unsweetened because otherwise the blondies would be too sweet
  3. If you store them in the fridge, they will firm up and the icing will harden. They get more of a cookie texture like this which I enjoyed

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