Lemon Cucumber Cupcakes

I know my first 2 cucumber recipes were a little more traditional, this last one was definitely out of the box. I really wanted to see if there were any recipes that used cucumber in desserts. There were surprisingly more recipes than I thought there would be. I ended up choosing this cucumber and lemon cake recipe which sounded too intriguing to pass up (link here).

I’ve put cucumber and lemon in my water before but I’ve never put them together in any baked good. I made sure to follow the recipe exactly as written because I didn’t want to mess them up. Actually though, I only followed to the tee for the batter part because I made cupcakes instead of big cakes. I also made half the recipe which was perfect for 6 cupcakes.

The batter turned out really fluffy and had a pale green colour from the cucumber. I baked up my cupcakes – they took 20 minutes at 325Β° – and I was pleased. They rose nicely but they did get a little brown around the edges.

I made the super simple buttercream frosting which had a little lemon juice, and that was quite tasty. I frosted my cupcakes and they looked so cute. I did a little cross section and I was happy with how green they were inside. You could even see little specks from the cucumber skin.

I was super excited for the taste test. So I couldn’t really taste the cucumber but the lemon flavour with the zest and juice was nice and fresh. I would probably add more lemon though to give more of a punch. The cucumber did add a lot of moisture to the cupcake, they were not dry at all. I feel like the cucumber puree had the same purpose as applesauce would in a recipe. I was impressed with that.

I was just super happy with how these turned out. I will definitely be making these again and maybe make a nice layered cake.


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