Cucumber Veggie Rolls

If you’re looking for a light and nutritious snack, you need to make these veggie rolls. I used this recipe (link here). There are just a few components so it was super simple to make. I also love all the colours of the different vegetables, they were so pretty. I actually put some fresh dill on top after which added even more freshness.

This dish is pretty self explanatory. It was just thin long slices of cucumber (easy to do with a mandolin), with some cream cheese and veggies, then rolled up into little veggie roll bites. The cucumber needs to be thin in order to roll well. They took 5 minutes to make and no time to gobble up πŸ˜›

They were super fresh and obviously had tons of crunch and colour from the vegetables. The cream cheese was a good creamy touch to contrast all the veggies. It also acted as ‘glue’ to keep the cucumber from unrolling, so make sure you spread the cream cheese all the way to the end of the slices or else your rolls may fall apart. Another tip is to pat the cucumber slices with some paper towel to remove from excess water – this will make it easier to spread the cream cheese.

Like I said, this was a nice light snack. You could turn this into a lunch though by cutting the cucumber into sticks and putting them, along with carrot and pepper into a tortilla (with the cream cheese), rolling it up and slicing into pinwheels. With the tortilla, it would have more carbohydrates, which would make it more filling and satisfying.


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