Windsor: Taloola Cafe

Happy long weekend in ontario! I’m spending the weekend in windsor (and the surrounding areas). I’m here with family did lots of exploring today, mostly around downtown windsor. Our first meal was at this popular local restaurant – taloola cafe.

I had heard about this place online and wanted to try out their dish called cheese stuffed french toast. I had to order it because you can’t go wrong with french toast and cheese. You can also add more fillings – I chose spinach, tomato and red onion. It was like a french toast grilled cheese sandwich – so many good things all in one.

It came with maple syrup which gave the perfect amount of sweetness to balance out the salty cheese. It was super yummy and would definitely get it again if I come back.

We also ordered a drink called the frozen monk which was basically a blended coffee float. It was a chocolate and espresso milkshake with vanilla ice cream on top. The coffee flavour was good but not too strong because of the sweet ice cream.

This was a great meal. I love supporting local businesses. I encourage you explore your city and find new fun places 🙂


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