Banana & Corn Fritters

It’s a new week for my 1 ingredient, 3 ways challenge! This week I’m using bananas! It’s funny though because I’ve already done 2 posts this week, not related to my challenge. Make sure you check those out πŸ™‚ (breakfast tacos and mish-mash bowl)

For this first post, I wanted to find a banana recipe that was more savoury instead of a typical dessert. (Don’t worry though, I have sweet banana recipes for the rest of the week πŸ™‚ ) Anyways, so I found this recipe for banana and corn fritters that sounded quite interesting (link here).

I’ve had sweet banana fritters before but these ones had a nice savoury spin on them. The cornmeal added nice texture and used smoked paprika and cayenne pepper for some extra flavour. And yes, I know they’re called fritters but they sort of just look like pancakes.

They turned out pretty well though, they got a little puffy after being baked. The banana did add sweetness but it wasn’t overpowered because it was balanced by the savoury spices and cornmeal. I think adding some corn kernels would’ve made these even better.

They were a great side dish though. I got 9 pancakes/fritters but you could easily make them mini and serve them as canapes for a party. I think that would work out well.


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