Mish-Mash Leftover Bowl

To me, a mish mash is just a mixture of several different things. That’s exactly what this meal was. I had lots of leftovers and sort of threw them together to create a new meal. I wasn’t even sure if this was worth posting but then I told myself, why not. Most people have leftovers in their fridge at any given time, so I wanted to show you that you can make something delicious out of it.

Here were all the items that I had had for dinner a few nights prior:

  • quinoa salad with veggies and vinaigrette
  • roasted salmon fillet
  • corn on the cob
  • roasted cauliflower and carrots

This was a great dinner when it was fresh, but I didn’t want to simply heat it all up and eat it again. That’s why I opted for a big bowl of food. I started off with a base of the quinoa salad then topped it with chunks of the salmon and I chopped the cauliflower and carrots into smaller pieces. I also cut the corn off the cob so that each bite could have little bits of sweetness. The final touch was a little sriracha over everything.

I know I didn’t really change the components, but simply cutting them up and mixing them all together gave them a new life. This was a great lunch but it would be good for meal prep too.


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