Fried Eggs with Spinach

I had some fun with carrot week last week (link here) and I hope to keep that going for this week. I’m using spinach. It’s a really healthy ingredient, with tons of vitamins and minerals. All dark green vegetables are super good for you (ie: kale, chard). I’m not a huge fan of just eating spinach in salads, so all my posts in these series will involve it being cooked, in various ways.

I made this simple recipe (link here) which used lots of spinach (you need to start with a lot of spinach because it wilts down to almost nothing). It has only a few ingredients (olive oil, spinach, onion, salt, pepper, eggs) so it is a very easy meal. I made this for breakfast but you could always have this for lunch or even dinner. It was surprisingly filling and really delicious. I ate it with some toast which soaked up the creamy yolk nicely.

This dish reminds me of shakshuka in the sense that you make the base then lay the eggs in it to cook. If you have no idea what shakshuka is, you can check out my post (link here). I made it once and I really liked it. This recipe was much easier though because it was just sauteed spinach with seasonings then adding the eggs.

I will definitely make this again. I eat spinach and eggs all the time (ie: in an omelette), but this preparation made it feel like something new which was nice. It would’ve been good with some crumbled feta and chili flakes on top too. Yum.


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