Sweet & Spicy Carrots

As you may already know, I love to roast veggies. I made a post a little while ago about my simple roasted vegetables (link here). In that post, I keep things super easy with technique and flavours. But once in a while, it’s fun to switch things up a bit. I made this recipe for roasted carrots (link here) that uses honey and sriracha for a sweet and spicy kick.

This was a really easy recipe with very few ingredients, which I always appreciate – it’s just olive oil, honey, sriracha, salt, and pepper, oh and carrots, obviously. I will say that the honey-sriracha mixture is a little spicy because it is equal parts of the first three things, so if you want it a little less heat, use a touch less sriracha or add a little more honey. I made the recipe as is and actually liked the amount of spice present.

Even though I used the same amount of the flavourings, I used half the amount of carrots because I wanted the carrots to be nicely coated and glazed. The recipe says to not pour any excess sauce on the pan because it will burn in the oven, and instead to toss the carrots in it again before serving. So that’s what I did.

Even with coating the carrots in the little bit of extra sauce, they still weren’t super duper saucy, but they definitely had a lot of flavour. They even got a little red from the sriracha. And right before serving, I sprinkled some chopped parsley for freshness and colour contrast.

This was a super simple side dish that really packs a punch.


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