Oat Ginger Cookies

If you’re looking at the picture and reading the title and wondering why the picture doesn’t quite look right, just bare with me and read until the end. This was one of those recipes that really didn’t turn out how it was supposed to.

My intention was obviously to make oat ginger cookies. They were supposed to be crispy little cookies with a hint of powdered ginger, which is my feature ingredient this week. I used this recipe that I found online (link here). But boy did that not go as planned. I guess I had a feeling things were not looking great from the start though. The batter was super wet and thin, I’m thinking the measurements of the recipe were off. But I followed everything as written and managed to make 12 cookies, which is exactly what the recipe said.

When I popped them in the oven, a few minutes into baking, I saw that they had sort of melted and some of the cookies stuck together (as you can see). I didn’t think too much of it and left them in the oven to cook more, and I would just separate them later. I ended up taking them out after about 13 minutes because they were getting a little brown around the edges. At this point, they were still soft to the touch, so I let them cool on the pan for a bit. They did harden up as they cooled down but they hardened up a little too much I guess. I tried to pick one up with a spatula and it crumbled to bits (as you can also see). I know I couldn’t have messed up following a recipe that badly, I didn’t even bake them as long as the recipe said. I knew there had to be an issue with the recipe itself.

I didn’t want to throw them all out though because the crumbs actually tasted pretty good. The ginger flavour wasn’t super apparent but they were tasty oatmeal cookie crumbs. So I ended up making a little dessert with one of my black bean brownies (link here) on the bottom then ice cream and a good sprinkle of the crumbs on top. Everything actually tasted really good together. The crumbs would also be yummy with some yogurt or in a parfait. So even though the recipe did not turn out well at all, I still managed to turn it into a tasty treat.

If you know what might have gone wrong, let me know haha. And thanks for reading this novel of a post.


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Interesting! I looked at the original recipe and wondered if even 4tsps (instead of the recommended 4tbsps) wd be too much with so little flour in the recipe. Intriguing mystery. Please keep us updated if you come across another recipe or when you solve the conundrum by trying your own magic. Delicious gingery crumbs do sound delightful on Yoghurt, etc. Thanks, Lindsay!


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