Black Bean Burgers

For the finale of bean week, I made some burgers! I tried making a veggie burger a while ago, using chickpeas (link here) but they were too crumbly and fell apart when I cooked them. So going into this recipe, I was hoping these burgers with black beans turned out better. I used this recipe from sally’s baking addiction (link here).

The actual patty mixture was pretty simple to make, with the help of a food processor. I used it to chop the bell pepper and onion and then to pulse the beans after. (Side note: for the beans, baking them first really helps to take out some of the moisture and it prevents the burgers from being too mushy).

I combined all the ingredients (except egg) in a big bowl and tasted it at that point for seasoning. It was really good just like that, so I knew I could add the egg and then form the patties. The mixture wasn’t super wet but it definitely wasn’t crumbly. It was easy to make my burgers however large I wanted – I chose to make little slider sized patties. Using these burgers as sliders makes them perfect as an appetizer for a party too.

I baked them, using a silicone baking sheet to ensure they wouldn’t stick to the pan. Because they were smaller sized burgers, they didn’t need as long in the oven – just 10 minutes, flipping halfway. They held their shape really well and got a little brown around the edges.

To serve my bean burgers, I put my patties on little buns (which were actually hotdog buns that I cut in half haha) and topped them with some caramelized onions and a bit of mayonnaise. I didn’t put too many toppings because I didn’t want to hide the nice flavours of the patties themselves.

These burgers turned out really well. I will definitely be making them again. They had a good amount of texture from the chopped veggies and were not gross and mushy like some bean burgers can be. I also really liked the smoky flavour from the paprika. I can definitely see why this recipe is called the best black bean burgers 🙂

I almost forgot – I did make one change to the recipe and that was just skipping the feta cheese. I guess I just lost out on a bit of saltiness but they were delicious anyways.


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