Apple Pie Cups

I know yesterday’s apple post was a savoury recipe (waldorf salad) so now this one has to be sweet. I love apples and cinnamon, it’s such a classic pairing. I love making pies and crisps and apple chips. Today, I made these apple pie cups, using tortillas. I was originally going to make up this recipe as I went, but then I found a recipe online which I decided to follow (link here).

I did make one change to the recipe though. Instead of cutting large tortillas like the recipe states, I used these super cute mini tortillas. I saw them in the store and thought they’d be perfect for this dessert. I used one for each muffin tin and followed everything else as directed (brushing them with melted butter and sprinkling with cinnamon sugar, then baking). They made such a perfect little shell. They got nice and crispy. They’re very rustic looking which I like. They also held their shape really well which I was happy about.

While they were baking I made the apple filling, just like in the recipe. It’s such a simple apple filling with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. You could cook down the apples more to get them softer but I like that they stayed a bit firm. You could make this apple mixture and just serve it over ice cream if you didn’t want to make the cups. But with the tortilla cup, it truly becomes like an apple pie because that acts as the crust.

This was a perfect little dessert and it’s pretty guilt free. I did end up putting some ice cream on top but it’s all about enjoying things in moderation πŸ˜‰ The warm apples went nicely with the cold ice cream, and I liked the amount of cinnamon present. If you ever need a quick dessert, you should make these. To make it even easier, you could use apple pie filling – you would just have to heat it up before filling the cups.


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Oh, wow! These look amazing, and I just know they tasted delicious too! Well done, excited to try this and see what you’ll prepare next
    You Go Girl!


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