Sticky Cauliflower Bites

Hi there! If you’re new here, I just wanted to say welcome 🙂 I’m currently doing a cooking challenge where I post recipes using a certain ingredient each week. I’m in the middle of my cauliflower week, yesterday I made delicious fried rice (link here), and today I made these sticky cauliflower bites.

I found this recipe from yup it’s vegan (link here) and I loved everything about them. I’ve used the method of battering and baking the cauliflower pieces before and I loved it here too. You can add whatever flavours you want after they are baked. For instance, a really popular preparation is buffalo cauliflower wings which I’ve made before and were quite delicious (click here to see that). But I liked the asian flare of these cauliflower bites.

The sauce was super easy to make and had really nice sweetness (but not too much). There was a good amount of spice and acid to balance everything out too. I also liked the sesame flavour, as well as the little punch from adding it at the end (if you read the recipe, you will know what I mean by that). After reducing for a few minutes, the sauce became really syrupy and thick, so it coated the cauliflower nicely. Once I put them back in the oven for a few more minutes, it got sticky and caramelized. So good.

If you’re gonna make these, I suggest using a silicone baking mat in your pan. They have really good nonstick abilities and won’t burn at high temperatures like parchment. But since there is so much sugar in the sauce, you should wash the silicone mat immediately or else it might stick.

These cauliflower bites were so tasty though. My only regret is that I made a half recipe – I should have made a full batch. It wasn’t a huge pan but I did eat all of them and I could’ve eaten more. I will definitely be making these again.


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