Healthy(ish) Cheesecake

For most people, when they have a craving, they go to the store/restaurant and get that item. But for me, I decided to just make it. I don’t know why, but I really wanted some cheesecake. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had it in a while, not sure. No matter the reason, I had my mind set on making some cheesecake. I had a problem though: I didn’t have any cream cheese.

So I went to the internet to find a cream cheese-less cheesecake and there were actually a lot of recipes that came up. I decided to make this one from allrecipes (cheesecake recipe). Instead of cream cheese, this recipe uses cottage cheese which I had a lot of in the fridge. Cottage cheese is also low in fat and super high in protein, which is why I’m calling this a healthy(ish) cheesecake. And because it’s better for you, it’s fine to eat a second slice 😉

This was such an easy cheesecake to prepare because you just have to put all the filling ingredients into a blender, mix it up then pour over the crust and bake. You don’t even have to do a water bath, like most typical cheesecakes, so that was nice too. I only made one change and that was for the crust. I didn’t have graham cracker crumbs so I used chocolate cookie (oreo) crumbs. No big deal there. I actually really liked the chocolate component that it added.

I was quite impressed with how it turned out. It had a nice taste and was super creamy, but light at the same time. Mine did get a little brown and cracked on top though (not totally sure why because I didn’t cook it longer or at a higher temperature than directed). I could’ve hidden the imperfections with some berries or a caramel sauce but I decided to leave it as is, it makes it look a little rustic. Just for the record, it did not taste burnt at all. Things may not always look incredible but they can still taste great. This was an awesome dessert and definitely satisfied my cheesecake craving.


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