Strawberry & Basil Bruschetta

I just wanted to make a quick post for this bruschetta. This was actually made at work but I took a picture of it and wanted to share. I also just thought it looked so pretty with all the colours.

It was just 6 things: toasted baguette, ricotta cheese, diced strawberries, torn basil, balsamic glaze and some cracked black pepper. There was nothing complicated about the flavours but everything tasted so nice together. The creamy ricotta complemented the sweet berries and the slightly acidic balsamic glaze. Everything just ‘worked’.

It’s definitely different from your traditional bruschetta with tomatoes and garlic. This version is so nice for the summer though and it’s quite refreshing. If you don’t like basil, you could totally use fresh mint instead. This would also be great for a dinner party or barbecue.


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