Sesame-Soy Tofu Bowl

I’m always looking for ways to make tofu taste good and I think I did it with this meal. Tofu is basically a sponge so it will soak up whatever flavours you put on it, but giving it nice texture will take it up a notch.

When buying tofu for a stirfry or noodle bowl, make sure you get extra firm because it has the least amount of water and will hold its shape when cooking. Even with extra firm tofu, I still like to press out as much water as I can (I just put slices between pieces of paper towel and press with my hands) – this makes it extra extra firm.

Once it is pressed, I cut slices into cubes and sautee in a fry pan with a little olive oil. I left the pieces there for probably 10 minutes, mixing frequently, to make sure they were browned on all sides. After this long in the pan, they were getting a little crispy, which almost gave them the texture (firmness) of chicken.

After all that, it was time to add some flavour. I made a little mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, sesame oil, water and sriracha. I poured half over the tofu in the pan and let it soak into all the cubes. It gave the tofu a nice dark colour and tons of flavour.

With the rest of the sauce, I cooked up some thin noodles and tossed it in there. And I also sauteed some bell peppers and zucchini for colour and nutrition.

Once the different components were ready, it was time to assemble the bowl. I put some noodles in the bottom, then put the tofu and veggies on top, along with some green onion and sesame seeds. I gotta say, I give my plating 10/10. Taste was also amazing, but I added a little extra sriracha on top after because I like things a little spicy.

This was a great dinner that didn’t take too much effort. If you didn’t want to use tofu, you could use chicken in its place. You could also change up the veggies if you want.


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