Typical Breakfast: Eggs & Toast

Sorry I haven’t been very active in May so far. I just haven’t been cooking too many post-worthy things. But I thought that this might be a good post because breakfast meals vary so much around the world. I guess you could call my breakfast basic for a canadian/american – something you could get in a diner, but healthier because it’s homemade. The only thing I’m missing from a diner meal is the delicious home fries/hashbrown potatoes.

So it’s not a complex plate at all. I made some scrambled egg whites with ketchup on top (sorry if you think ketchup belongs nowhere near eggs), along with avocado toast and some fruit – today I had mango and berries. I don’t always eat the exact same thing, but the egg-bread-fruit is a good combination and it’s well-balanced to start your morning right.

Let me know where you live and what is in your typical breakfast. I would love to learn! 🙂


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  1. My typical breakfast isn’t too exciting, but I love it – a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and cinnamon.


    1. Yum I love peanut butter

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  2. TanyaDesigns says:

    I LOVE you blog and all delicious meals and suggestions you make! Because of you I bought Yum and Yummer! Thanks so much. I love the Looney Spoons and their other books.
    Re breakfast: I go through phases and it depends on the time. On the weekend I enjoy hashbrowns and freshly made eggs. Whichever way I fancy. But on weekdays I like to have overnight oatmeal with fruit and nuts.


    1. Thank you so much for your nice words! All those breakfast options sound good to me!


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