Tri-Layer Kugel

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, sorry about that. Passover cooking is just all the same old recipes – don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty food – and I wasn’t feeling motivated to post about it. But if you would like to see more traditional jewish cuisine, let me know.. maybe I could talk more about that in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a kugel I made for dinner last night. We had some guests for dinner and wanted to make something a little different. We hadn’t made this recipe for a few years because we usually like to keep things simple. As you can see, there are 3 layers, which means 3 different mixtures, so it took a little time to get it done. But, it turned out well and tasted good, which made it worth the work.

The layers are as follows: white – potato, orange – sweet potato and carrot, green – zucchini and potato. The way to make this recipe is by boiling and mashing the different vegetables, mixing them (in separate bowls) with eggs, potato starch, mayonnaise and seasoning, then layering in the pan.

In my family during passover, we use a different set of dishes and cooking equipment. However, our passover supplies are a bit limited. For instance, we don’t have a potato masher (we’ve just never needed one, well until this recipe), so we had to improvise to get the veggies mashed. We threw them in the food processor, and then mixed with all the other stuff that I mentioned before. This worked out well and made them super creamy and smooth.

The worst thing you’d want is to go through all this effort and then have the kugel be bland and tasteless. So make sure you season well – season BEFORE adding the eggs to the bowl. Once the flavour is right, then you can mix in the eggs and spread the layers in the (well-greased) pan. Put the white potato layer first so that when you flip it out, that layer will be on the top. You don’t have to flip it if you are too scared though, but it just looks pretty when you do.

So this is my last passover 2019 post and I can’t wait to go back to eating all the pasta, bread and non-matzah products.

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