Peanut Ramen

I’ve made noodles with peanut sauce so many times for one simple reason – it’s delicious. And super easy. Okay, so maybe it’s two reasons. I made this the other night and it looked too good not to post about.

I started with making the sauce in a bowl – natural peanut butter mixed with hot water to thin it out a bit, then added sriracha for heat, hoisin for sweetness, soy sauce for salt and ginger for warmth. Once I got the flavour to my liking, I moved on to cooking the noodles. I used instant ramen and cooked them in a pot according to the directions on the package (without the gross seasoning packet). I also added frozen edamame to that pot and heated those through at the same time. Side note: edamame is such a delicious addition to meals because they have lots of protein.

After I got those things done, I started putting everything together. In a frying pan, I heated a little sesame oil then put some leftover sauteed kale. I just wanted to get it hot again. You could obviously use fresh kale and wilt it down at this point – I was just using up what I had. Then I added in the noodles, ramen, edamame and peanut sauce. All that just needed to get coated and mixed well and then it was ready to eat.

I put everything in the same bowl I made the peanut sauce in and topped it with some honey roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and sliced green onion.

This was such a good dinner and only took about 20 minutes to make. This is pretty much my go-to recipe when I’m feeling lazy and you’ll see why if you make it too.


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