Recipe #100: Busy Weeknight Lasagna Roll Ups

Wow 100. It feels like I got here so quickly, even though it’s been just over 8 months since I first opened this cookbook. I have only a couple more recipes after this one until I’m done this cookbook challenge. Crazy to think about.

Anyways, these lasagna roll ups are a must! They are similar to the Roasted Squash & Ricotta Stuffed Shells (Recipe #33) with the delicious and creamy ricotta-spinach filling, but these roll ups are a little lighter because of the marinara (instead of alfredo sauce). Both are a little time consuming to prepare but definitely worth it in the end. You could probably turn these roll ups into a regular lasagna which would cut down prep time. I actually assembled the rolls the night before, put it in the fridge and popped it in the oven the next day, so that was good meal planning. Also, I ended up making one 9×9 pan with 9 rolls and then I had a small foil pan with 4 rolls that I put into the freezer for another day.

For the recipe, I did make a few small changes but none of them affected the end product. 1. I used fresh spinach that I cooked and chopped. I used a whole bag to get the required amount. 2. I used a few tablespoons of nutrition yeast instead of parmesan cheese for the saltiness. 3. I used mashed sweet potato instead of squash. 4. I flavoured tomato passata to make a marinara replacement – mixed in salt, pepper, sugar, chili flakes, parsley, oregano, basil, garlic.

These roll ups were so yummy. They had so much flavour from all the different components and I like the extra nutrition from the sweet potato and spinach. These rolls look super impressive if you make them for guests too. I was hoping to get a picture that really showed the prettiness of the rolls, but there was too much delicious tomato sauce covering them haha. You’ll just have to believe me when I say they looked (and tasted) amazing.

Final thoughts: super creamy lasagna in a nice roll


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