Recipe #99: Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad

Here I am at the final salad recipe of this book and I can say that every single salad was delicious. They were all so fresh and flavourful and really just hit the spot every time. I’m happy this was my last one because I really like mexican/tex-mex flavours and it has avocado which I love so much. But for some reason, I actually almost forgot to add it, which is why you don’t see any in the picture. Fear not though, I put some in afterwards and it was amazing.

I liked everything else about the salad too. The veggies were so fresh and gave lots of crunch and colour. I especially liked the green onion and cilantro. Also the jalapeno gave the perfect amount of spice. Then everything mixed well together with the quinoa and the chili-lime dressing.

It’s a great salad that you can eat for lunch. It is packed with all those good veggies and even has protein in the beans/quinoa to keep you full. You could definitely add some chopped chicken or edamame for extra protein too.

Final thoughts: excellent mexican quinoa salad, bright and colourful.

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  1. I love a good quinoa salad. This looks delish!

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