Recipe #98: Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

I try to cook the recipes a few days before I plan on posting just to have enough time to draft the post and whatnot, and the timing was perfect for this chicken souvlaki. The weather has been really weird recently but the other day, it was super sunny and like 10Β°C which was beautiful. So it was a nice opportunity to use the bbq for the first time in 2019. (Side note: the next day, it rained non stop and then snowed – so quite unpredictable).

The souvlaki turned out so well. The marinade got super infused into the pieces of chicken and it had a really nice greek flavour. The bell pepper and red onion also gave lots of sweetness and touch of crunch to the meal. Eating the chicken and veggies with some tzatziki took it up to another level though. It was the perfect combination of creamy and fresh. But for the tzatziki, I used dairy free sour cream which tasted great and you couldn’t even tell it was fake. Everything worked together and made for a delicious dinner.

Final thoughts: tasty chicken with a classic greek dip, perfect together


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